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Please fill this out, and we will contact you shortly!
For any questions, please email volunteers@dallyinthealley.com

Volunteer schedule

Friday Setup:

6pm – 12am (savant)
Setup, Snow fencing, Miscellaneous

Dally Day:

7am – 10am (early bird)
Vendor setup, Miscellaneous

10am – 2pm (late riser)
Disposal bin setup, Tables and chairs, Kids fair setup, Stage assistance, Miscellaneous

2pm – 5pm (sleepin’ in)
Merch booth, Monitor trash/recycling, Kids fair, Stage assistance, Miscellaneous

5pm – 8pm (sunset strip)
Merch booth, Kids fair, Stage assistance, Monitor trash and recycling, Miscellaneous

8pm – 11pm (night owl)
Merch booth, Stage assistance, Miscellaneous

Sunday Funday:

8am – 3pm (distinguished savant)
Alley cleanup, Street cleanup, Miscellaneous, High fives and handshakes

Preferred method of contact?
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When would you like to volunteer?
What would you like to do?
We can't guarantee your placement, but we'll do our best!