Non-Food Vendors


Please email with any questions.

Terms and conditions

  1. Arrive as early as 6:30am to set up. No vehicles in the alley after 10:45am. No Vendor will be accepted after 10:45am. You have 15 minutes to unload and move your car.
  2. Booth space will be assigned at vendor check-in and will be first-come-first-serve. Maps with assigned spaces will be provided. No particular space is guaranteed.  If a conflict should arise, the Non-Food Vendor Chairperson will have the final decision. Their word is FINAL!
  3. Vendors are responsible for finding their own parking.
  4. The Dally In The Alley reserves the right to reject any application. Should the Dally reject an application before the festival date, the vendor’s application fees will be refunded minus $8 dollar transaction fee.
  5. Vendors may NOT play music at their booth.
  6. Vendors consent to being photographed for Dally in the Alley publicity/promotion purposes.
  7. Vendors may not sell merchandise that contain the words “Dally in the Alley” as this trademark is owned by the North Cass Community Union.
  8. We are an equal opportunity festival and accept a variety of vendors selling a wide range of products. We encourage vendors that can offer unique items and we ask that you keep mass produced items (think made it Chine kitsch) to an absolute minimum.
  9. Non-food vendors may NOT sell food or drink with the exception of bottled water.
  10. The Dally does not supply electricity to non-food vendors. Non-food vendors may not plug into Dally electricity or outlets on neighboring houses/apartment buildings.
  11. Generators are prohibited. City of Detroit fire code prohibits the use of generators within our festival footprint. Should you disobey, vendors may be cited by the Fire Marshall and ejected from Dally.
  12. Vendor agrees to pay the vendor license fee assessed by the City of Detroit.
  13. Dally does NOT provide vendors with tables, chairs, tents, etc.