The Dally Documentary

The Cass Corridor, often labelled Detroit’s worst neighborhood in the past, has become one of the highlights of the city.

How did a 40-year-old block party impact this radical transformation?

Cass Corridor in the 1970’s – forgotten people in neglected buildings. The marginally employed, along with struggling artists, musicians and students were united in their need for cheap rent.

The Dally in the Alley’s roots brought neighbors together as they organized to block demolition plans in the 70’s and again in the 80’s to protest the construction of Detroit’s incinerator. Not every neighborhood organization has been able to do that.

The idea of organizing and throwing a street party provided a space for sharing ideas, politics, art, food and Detroit’s best contemporary music. Plus it got the $200 to pay the lawyer’s bill.

The free Dally in the Alley, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is now tens of thousands of participants, some of whom come back every year to see friends, run smoothly by dozens of Volunteers, remains self-supporting and sponsor-free, etc.

The community that birthed the Dally has become one of Detroit’s strongest.

Thank you to Sue Blouch and Renata Seldon!